Faithful Keep

Our Home - Bob & Jackie Graham / Polebridge, Montana

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Our Home is the place where we live. But we also invite our friends to join us in fellowship.

We live on the western side of Glacier National Park - See you Soon

Our Home borders Glacier National Park. Our view is into the park itself. On the other side of the Flathead Rives is the park.

  • Bible Study Fellowship
  • Breakfast Goodies
  • Great Fellowship
  • Great Views

Come sit on or back deck and enjoy our Breakfast Bible Fellowship - For no other reason we do this than to share with others our blessings.

Of course there is alway Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park Access to the park is only a few miles away. Kintla Lake or Bowman Lake are not far. There is also the Polebridge Merchantile and the Northern Lights Saloon where your can get some good food and a fantastic bakery goods.

Polebridge, Montana

We live in Polebridge Montana and we like to think of ourselves as a bit odd, as ya kinda have to be a bit odd to live way out here in the middle of nowhere. We are happily maried for now 27+years. We love people and try to show the love of Christ in all we do. We enjoy life and we are thankful to our family for giving us support and love.. We've had many ups and downs over our lives, and we are sure there are many more challenges ahead, but we know the Lord is in charge and that "all things work together for good."

We fish and hunt, kayak, go for walks, hikes, and bike rides. We especially love our friends and neighbors and are constantly getting together to socialize, watch football and eat. We watch American Idol, HGTV, and sappy old movies, and we love all kinds of music. And most of all we know and love our Lord Jesus Christ.

Wish we had some wildlife!


As christians it is not a matter of what man himself carries out with his own resources, but what God does through him; and the praise for our work should remain with God alone.

Polebridge is a unique place, exclusive by virtue of its remoteness and special because it was designed to showcase the glory of God's creation.

God has great plans for us all and we hope to share the glory of this place with all He leads our way. We trust in his faithfulness and we hope to draw strength from one another to honor God.

In faith our home is a place where friends can gather to find satisfying answers to spiritual questions and experience a practical demonstration of Christian faith. We call our home "Faithful Keep" because a steadfast faith in Jesus Christ is our hope.

Jackie and Bob Graham

upstairs Suite

If you come to stay with us we have an upstairs suite with on queen bed and two twin beds in the loft. A private bathroom, sitting area, and fantastic views.

We, on occasion have community parties

Community Guests are welcome to join our community at church on Sundays or attend community events.

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