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Faithful Keep
The Glory of God The Benefit of Man

We live in Polebridge Montana and we like to think of ourselves as a bit odd, as ya kinda have to be a bit odd to live way out here in the middle of nowhere. We are happily maried for now 27+years. We love people and try to show the love of Christ in all we do. We enjoy life and we are thankful to our family for giving us support and love.. We've had many ups and downs over our lives, and we are sure there are many more challenges ahead, but we know the Lord is in charge and that "all things work together for good."

We fish and hunt, kayak, go for walks, hikes, and bike rides. We especially love our friends and neighbors and are constantly getting together to socialize, watch football and eat. We watch American Idol, HGTV, and sappy old movies, and we love all kinds of music. And most of all we know and love our Lord Jesus Christ.

Bob and Jackie Graham - Stewards

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Two Deer at Faithful Keep

The Glory of God
The Benefit of Men

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